The Sedimentology Group at the University of Melbourne is led by Ashleigh Hood and Malcolm Wallace. A bit about us:


Associate Prof. Malcolm Wallace is a tenured teaching and research staff member of the School of Earth Sciences. He has expertise in reefal carbonates, carbonate and clastic sedimentology, economic geology, carbonate petrology and diagenesis. He has worked on Precambrian sediments and other sedimentary systems for over three decades.

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Dr. Ashleigh Hood is a Lecturer in the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne. Prior to this she was a NASA Astrobiology Institute postdoctoral scholar at Yale University. Her research concerns improving our understanding of Precambrian marine environments and the evolution of the early Earth. To do this she integrates sedimentology, stratigraphy and geochemistry in both field and lab work.

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PhD Students

Brennan O’Connell is studying tidal sediments and reef systems of the Flinders Ranges and elsewhere to develop an insight into near-shore paleoenvironmental conditions in the Precambrain. She is also interested in the redox history of terminal Precambrian oceans.

Liz Mahon is studying the evolution of the Gippsland Basin using seismic interpretation and sedimentology. She is interested in the evolution sedimentary systems and environmental conditions in the basin as well as the influence of tectonism on basin development. Check out more info on Liz’s website


Alice Shuster is studying the sedimentology of shallow marine carbonate systems from the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic. She has worked on dolomite precipitation in the Beck Spring Dolomite, with evidence for marine euxinia during the Tonian. She is currently working on using sedimentology and REE in marine cements to track redox conditions during the Late Devonian Mass Extinction in the Canning Basin.


Jackson McCaffrey is working on seismic and sedimentological research into Miocene carbonates on the North West Shelf.

Kelsey Lamothe has just joined us from McGill. Kelsey will be working on Neoproterozoic sediments from the Flinders Ranges

Former Students


Dr. Maxwell Lechte graduated with his PhD in April 2019. He worked on the sedimentology and geochemistry of Neoproterozoic ironstones. His work showed that oxygenated glacial fluids mixing with ferruginous oceans caused the formation of syn-glacial ironstones. Max will start a postdoc at McGill soon. Check out Max’s website for more info.


Dr. Vera Korasidis graduated with her PhD on the sedimentology, palynology and vegetation record of brown coals of Victoria in April 2019. She developed a climate and vegetation history of south-eastern Australia from ~40 Ma to 15 Ma. Vera was awarded a postdoctoral position at the Smithsonian Museum.

All photos copyright Malcolm Wallace, Ashleigh Hood and the Sedimentology Group
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