Broader Sed-Paleo Group

Buchan, Victoria, hosts 400 million year old reefs and is the locations of Melbourne’s 2nd year geology field trip

Associate Prof. Stephen Gallagher

Stephen works on Carboniferous to Recent microfossils, sedimentology and stratigraphy. He has done extensive work on Cretaceous to recent sediments from south-eastern Victoria, focusing on microfossil work, paleo-oceanography, stratigraphy and the evolution of marine systems from this time. His papers form an important record of the climate history of Victoria for the last 80 million years. Stephen’s research considers both climate variability in a Cretaceous greenhouse world, and the decent into Cenozoic icehouse conditions. His work on Oligocene climate records from Victoria was the first Southern Hemisphere sea level curve published from the Southern Hemisphere. Stephen has been involved with, and has also run multiple IODP expeditions in Australia and Asia, and has recently become interested in reef development and climate conditions from North West Shelf sediments. Please see Stephen’s Google Scholar or CV below for more details.

Dr. Anne-Marie Tosolini

Anne-Marie is a paleo-botanist and works on the botanical history of Australia, Antarctica and elsewhere, as well as more broadly in paleontology. Dr. Tososlini currently coordinates First Year Geology courses at Melbourne. She is working with Malcolm Wallace and Vera Korasidis on leaf beds in Cenozoic coals of Gippsland.

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