December 2019 Some great new research by Max Lechte, from his PhD work at Melbourne. He’s discovered how life could have survived 700 million year old climate change.

Maxwell A. Lechte, Malcolm W. Wallace, Ashleigh van Smeerdijk Hood, Weiqiang Li, Ganqing Jiang, Galen P. Halverson, Dan Asael, Stephanie L. McColl, Noah J. Planavsky. Subglacial meltwater supported aerobic marine habitats during Snowball Earth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in press.

November 2019 Check out the amazing 2000 km long “Western Great Barrier Reef” that Jackson McCaffrey found off the NW coast of Australia!

McCaffrey, J.C., Wallace, M.W. and Gallagher, S.J., 2019. A Cenozoic great barrier reef on Australia’s North West shelf. Global and Planetary Change

May 2019 We are looking for a postdoc to join the Sedimentology Group at the University of Melbourne. The Research Fellow in Precambrian Sedimentary Geology position will be for two years, starting before the end of 2019. We aim to employ a sedimentary geologist with experience in fieldwork to work on Neoproterozoic sediments of the Flinders Ranges. Please see the ad below, or email us for more information at

April 2019 Two of our Phd students doffed their velvet bonnets and graduated- congrats to Dr. Vera Korasidis and Dr. Max Lechte! Max is heading to McGill later in the year for a postdoc and Vera will start a postdoc at the Smithsonian Museum in August.

March 2019 We have a new website! Stay tuned for more.

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